The Society of Orion : Complete Series

The Society of Orion : Complete Series


Kristopher Kubicki, Gerald J Kubicki
Paperback | 638 pages
152 x 229 x 33mm | 842g
Publication date
17 Oct 2016
Createspace Independent Publishing Platform


While this eight book series takes place in the modern world, the basis for the high adventure starts in ancient times. Colton Banyon and his sidekick Loni Chen travel to Poland to attend a dedication for one of his ancestors. Soon they are kidnapped and introduced to the head of the Society of Orion for Poland. He has many things to hide, but needs their help in recovering the lost weapons of the mythical Greek God Orion. When Banyon begins to find the weapons, he realized that there is much more going on and the head of the society can't be trusted. There is more at stake than a few artifacts. Soon it becomes clear that Orion left the weapons on earth for good reason, he may need to come back to use them again to fight off the original inhabitants of earth. Banyon calls on many of his friends and sets off to collect all the weapons. He runs into many villains along the way. In the end he must also fight off a Sumi invasion. They want their earth back.

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